Silene latifolia

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Physical mapping - deletion mapping of non-recombining regions on Y chromosome. Kazama et al 2016
Silene EST annotation database - high-throughput transcriptome sequencing. Blavet et al 2011
Mapping of sex determination loci with AFLP. Lebel-Hardenack et al 2002
MK17, a specific marker closely linked to the gynoecium suppression region on the Y chromosome. Hobza et al 2006b
Deletion mapping - compare gene orders between X and Y. Zluvova et al 2005
Several genes showing sex-specific transcription already in vegetative stage described Zluvova et al 2010
Y chromosome RAPD and SCAR markers. Zhang et al 1998
Silene latifolia displays sexual dimorphism in floral traits and the infection with the smut fungus Micobrotryum lychnidis-dioicae induces a partial sex reversal in females - sex biased expression changes following infection. Zemp et al 2015
Induction of double-flowered mutant, survey of MADS-box genes, their function and possible effects on the mutant phenotype. Scutt et al 1999
RAPD analysis revealed Y chromosome specific fragment that has a single copy on the Y chromosome. Open reading frame (ORF) corresponding to 285 amino acids in length (ORF285), but no expression of the ORF285 gene was identified. Nakao et al 2002

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