Rumex acetosa

Sex-biased genes

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Name Description Protein homology Other info Source
FEM32 Flower-specific aerolysin-like protein, able to alter floral organ growth and pollen fertility.
RAD1 and RAD2 Both appear to represent DEFIClENS and APETALA3 homologs, and the deduced proteins show 86.2 and 82.8% amino acid similarity within the MADS box. The expression of RAD2 is very much weaker than RAD1 expression in both male and female flowers.
RAP1 It is PLENA and AGAMOUS homolog. C-function organ-identity gene, expressed in the inner two whorls (stamen and carpel whorls) of young male and female floral primordia, but in older primordia expression was lost. Thus organ arrest was associated with the apparent switching off of the C gene. Whether the lack of C-gene expression is the cause of organ arrest, or a consequence of it, is not known.

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