Carica papaya

Tandemly repeated sequences

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Name Description Protein homology Other info Source
cp-derived DNA Papaya HSY and MSY in the absence of recombination have accumulated nearly 12 times the amount of chloroplast-derived DNA than the corresponding region of the X chromosome and 4 times the papaya genome-wide average.
HSY-R29 and HSY-R162 HSY-specific repeats, many HSY-R29 flanking sequences (~500 bp) showed similarity to chloroplast DNA of papaya and other plant species.
mt-derived DNA Mitochondria-derived sequences are less abundant in the X and HSY compared to the whole genome.
rsp15 The rsp15 fragment is likely integrated from the chloroplast to the protoY in proximity to an active Ty3-gypsy retrotransposon. Chloroplast genome fragment containing the rsp15 gene has been amplified 23 times in the HSY, evidence of retrotransposon-mediated duplication.
X-R55 X-specific repeat, the tandem duplication of X-R55 was quite similar to the ZNF91 subfamily of primate-specific zinc finger genes, consisting of large gene clusters with some dysfunctional copies.

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