Silene latifolia

Tandemly repeated sequences

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Name Description Protein homology Other info Source
ITR Interstitial telomere-like repeats; ITRs and ITR-adjacent sequences (IASs).
KpnI Family of satellite DNA on the distal ends of chromosomes. (?Sl-distal-satDNA?).
Microsatellites Majority of microsatellites are accumulated on the q arm of the Y chromosome.
RMY1 Subtelomeric repetitive sequence. Detected at both ends of the X chromosome and at one end near the pseudoautosomal region of the Y chromosome. high similarityto X-43.1, identical localization. Homology to rDNA genes.
SacI (family) Family of satellite DNA sequences on subtelomeric positions of sex chromosomes.
STAR-C Centromeric satellite.
STAR-Y Tandem repeat, carrying a small deletion, specifically localized on the q-arm of the Y chromosome.
TR1 Tandem repeat with monomer length of 53 bp. Localized in 45S rDNA loci.
TRAYC Satellite DNA - highly abundant in the non-recombining centromeric and pericentromeric region of the Y.
X43.1 Member of SacI family. Structure creating junctions between telomeres and a major subtelomeric repeat. Located at both ends of six pairs of autosomes and the X chromosome, and at one end of four pairs of autosomes and the Y chromosome + sequences X-3, X-41 and X-36.

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